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Getting in the Max Mindset

Getting in the Max Mindset

When mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! Am I right? The days of putting mama on the backburner so her family can live the dream life are over!! Because as much as you think you can (and maybe want to), you can’t run your luxury car (yes, I referred to you as a luxury car) on cat naps and hidden snacks in the kitchen. Fill your cup up first mama, and no, not with wine! Resetting and refueling the “heart of the family” . . . pssst that’s you . . . is what keeps the beat going strong.

I think it’s built into every mama that she needs to give everything she has to everyone all day. Give. Give! GIVE! I mean, how many hats can one person wear at a time and still function? I’ll let you in on a simple secret my mentor told me right after I had my daughter, the answer is one! “You’re not required to wear every hat, every day. You wake up in the morning, assess the situation and pick the appropriate hat with complete realization that your hat could easily change in 30 minutes.” It’s also important to understand that these are YOUR hats. You don’t care if someone else likes your hat or not. We didn’t ask their opinion, nor do we need it. Rock that hat like you’re at the Kentucky Derby mama! 

Hat hair? Don’t care! For like 5 minutes a day, take off your hat! Imagine going hatless. Feel that freedom, the wind blowing through your hair. The most important person on the planet spending time with the most important person on the planet! When you give so much of yourself throughout the day, it’s imperative to reset and refuel frequently and ALONE! It’s far too easy to get sucked into something that drains you more than refuels you. So when you sit down and brainstorm what it is that resets and refuels you, please don’t put down “movie night with my family” or “cuddles with my hubby”. Make it be for you and only you!

Decision time: WHEN will you reset every day? I think this question is worth some thought. To a lot of people resetting in the morning makes the most sense. I could get on board with that . . . the start of a day equals a reset. Personally, I like to reset at the end of the day. I like to bring it all full circle, clean up loose ends, take a walk facing the setting sun (helps to clear hormones for the night), plan for the next day, and then start my new “set” with about 8 hours of sleep, haha! In the morning I start my day with more me time, having coffee in the backyard facing the sun (which resets my hormones for a great day, bonus!), and trying to keep my brain as quiet as possible before the rest of my world, aka my family, wakes up.

It’s your turn. Ready, set, RESET! Commit your mind to a healthier lifestyle by making small changes that matter. Make health your first priority, download our 5 Essentials Health Challenge


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