At Max Mamas we are committed to helping you wherever you are in your motherhood journey! We are eager and ready to help you find the best organic, BPA-free, non-toxic and eco-friendly products for your little one and YOU. If you don't want to do our online registry alone then we'd love to walk through it in person with you! Customer experience is very important to us which is why you can easily schedule an appointment with us and we will go through our entire store with you and help you create your ultimate baby registry. We can then load it to our online registry to make it easy for people to purchase online or in store. Whether you are a minimalist mom, or you want everything under the sun or if you're somewhere in between we would love to help you get started! Max Mamas has taken the hassle out of researching non-toxic items for your little ones because we research them for you! As a new or expecting mom the last thing you need to worry about is finding a safe teether or pacifier for you baby or wondering what post-partum care is safest for you. We believe in offering you with high quality, sustainable and affordable products.

Give us a call at (405)310-4055 and we will get you scheduled! 

Have a baby shower, birthday or another event coming up? Our registries are easy to set up and can be used for any celebration. 




Order online and chose "local pick-up" at check out. Give us a call at 405-310-4055 whenever you arrive and we will walk your order out to your vehicle.  No need to get the sleeping babies out!




Not sure about clothing diapering? We offer a rental program to test them out! Even if you decide to rent all your diapers instead of buying, we have all sizes available! Come to the store for pricing and contract details. 

Newborn Rental Program

Instead of investing in a newborn cloth diaper stash that your little one will grow out of, rent them for as little as $200 deposit! Our newborn stash includes 12 All-In-One cloth diapers. You can reserve a newborn stash up to 60 days before your due date. Give us a call whenever you go into labor and we will have them ready for pickup within 24 hours! They are yours for 90 days and when you return them we will give you HALF your deposit back to purchase your own cloth diapers.


Make the Switch to Cloth Easy Rental Programs

Not sure what style or brand your family will prefer? Or not ready to fully invest in an entire stash before trying cloth out first? For $200 deposit, you get 12 cloth diaper sets to try.

We recommend buying cloth wipes, a pail liner, Rockin' Green Dirty Diaper detergent, and a wet bag.  At the end of your 90 day rental period, half of your deposit will turn into store credit for cloth diapers, cloth diaper accessories or even disposables if you decide not to cloth.

*$200 deposit required


What are my diapers worth?

Bring in your gently used cloth diapers and we will evaluate them for you! 

Diapers should be clean and odor free. Please wash them according to manufacturer recommendations before bringing them in.   

Diapers must also be free of stains, hair whether from pets or humans lint and other visible materials. 

Diapers must contain legible care instructions.

Elastic should be snug and functional. 

Diapers must have all snaps working accordingly and velcro should be functional.

Please arrange like diapers together and separate inserts from covers.

You are welcome to drop off your cloth diapers any day of the week and they will be evaluated within 24 hours.  

 Offers will be made over the phone so please leave your name and number with your diapers when you bring them in. We will give you an offer for cash and an offer for store credit. Store credit will be up to 15% more than the cash offer.

You have 7 days to pick up your diapers after we have extended an offer. Any diapers left beyond 7 day period are considered abandoned and will be used in our cloth diaper service program. 

By accepting our offer, you understand that we may offer you less than you might receive if you sold diapers yourself, because as a reseller there are a certain amount of marketing, education, preparation and reselling on our part. 

Max Mamas reserves the right to refuse any diapers for any reason. 



Are you interested in cloth diapers but don't want to rent and return or fully invest in new ones just yet?

Then this is the program for you! All used diapers are evaluated by Max Mamas experts and certified excellent USED condition. We sell these diapers at little cost to you so that you may test out different styles all at once (pockets, hybrids, all-in-ones, etc). Once purchased the diapers are completely yours. Prices will vary from $5-$12 per diaper/style. 

Come in to the store at any time to look at our selection! 




Overwhelmed with all the different carriers and aren't sure which one is perfect for you and baby before you buy? Rent one of our baby carriers to try out for 2 weeks for a one time deposit of $75. If after that 2 weeks, your carrier wasn't perfect for you, we will trade it out for a different style and 2 more weeks. It's never been easier or more affordable to find the right baby-carrier!

 The $75 non-refundable deposit is required but it will go towards the future purchase of your preferred carrier once you've found the right fit.

Need help trying on one of our carriers? Tutorials from one of our baby-wearing certified staff is included in our lending library service. We want to help you live your best life while baby wearing

Carriers must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance, to reserve yours please call us at (405)310-4055 or email us

*When you stop by to pick up your baby carrier we will have a contract for you to sign which will include your price and the date you will return the carrier along with care guides for the carrier you are borrowing

**lumbar supports and infant inserts are not included in our lending library