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Why Pick the Apple Over the Donut

Why Pick the Apple Over the Donut

We all know that the donut can taste better than the apple, but we also know that the apple is much healthier than the donut.  Yet a lot of us still reach for the donut.  Why? Why do we reach for the things in life that are easy, taste good, cheap, etc? Well, because they are just that; cheap, easy, and they taste good.  But what if you truly knew what was in your products?  Better yet, what’s in your kids products.  Would you still pick the donut?

According to an NIH study currently, there are over 80,000 chemicals used in the toy market, most of which have not ben regulated or studied. A study by the UN Enviorment Program, 25% of childrens toys contain harmful chemicals.  In an Enviormental Protection Agency toy toxicity study, “it was reported that toxic chemicals, including BPA, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury, were noted in their report over 11,000 times.”  Health prblems linked to these chemicals include reproductive, immunity, and neurological problems, childhood asthma, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease, just to name a few. 

QACs are chemicals that kill bacteria and therefore are widely used in detergents, toothpaste, shampoo, and cosmetics, to just name a few.  Dr. Gina Cortopassi, one of the EHSC Pilot Award recipients, has studied QACs and concluded these chemicals are responsible for lung toxicity.  Yet another study published in Science direct states “QAC exposure if extensive and there is significant potential for health ramifications from exposure to these compands.”

Not only are toys and daily hygein products like make-up, shampoo, sunscreen, and cleaning products laced with chemicals, there are also dangerous chemicals found in our clothes (including dipaers, strollers, carseats, begging, etc), disposable packaging like storage bags and water bottles.    Among some of these chemicals are pestisides and ‘Forever Chemicals’ (a family of over 4,700 highly persistent chemicals that don’t occur in nature).  Occording to, “Forever Chemicals are the most persistent synthetic chemicals to date, they hardly degrade in the natural enviorment and have been found in the blood and breastmilk of people and wildlife all round the world.”  How harmful are these chemicals?  They interfere with homonal disruptors, interfere with the development of the fetus, and promotes cancers such as kidney and testicular cancer. 

These are just a few examples of the tens of thousands of chemcials that are found in the products that our children and families are coming into contact with every hour of every day.  I strongly feel it is our responsibility to actively eliminate these toxins from our daily lives and remove them from our body.  Max Mamas was born out of necessity and the desire to make this process easier on families.  If Max Mamas and the SWEET gals can make health the easy button, I know we can change the health of generations.  We strive to get healthier products to your family in a easy, cheaper, and delicious way.  Reach out to a SWEET gal today to help get a step by step plan to start getting your family on a healthier path today!


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