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The SWEET Gals Guide to Baby-Wearing

The SWEET Gals Guide to Baby-Wearing

Babywearing is a Life Changer!

Hey! This is Alashandra one the the Sweet Gals here at Max Mamas. I am a mother of six and the head babywearing educator here at the store.  If you have ever stopped by on Saturday we have probably met.  Today I want to help you understand more about babywearing. 

You have probably seen people with their babies strapped to them in a baby carrier before but you may not understand how helpful a baby carrier can be.  I know when I tried my first carrier over 10 years ago I didn’t.  I was just looking for a way to keep up with three kids under four. Since then, I have learned so much about babywearing.  Let me share just a small portion of what I have discovered.

Babywearing benefits for caregivers

  • Freedom to go and do things that would be harder to do with a baby in arms
  • Convenience to keep their baby close and content
  • Free hands to take care of other tasks
  • Breastfeeding on the go easier and more discreet
  • Help increase mom’s milk supply
  • Reduce her postpartum depression
  • Help strengthen bond with baby
  • Form a type of shield to help keep other people and their germs away from the baby

Babywearing benefits for baby

  • Easy skin to skin time
  • Helps cognitive and Social Development
  • Helps prevent flat head syndrome
  • Helps fight colic
  • Stabilize baby’s heart rate and temperature
  • Is like the womb and brings comfort
  • More consistent weight gain
  • Reduces the chance of flat head syndrome 

Popular Types of Carriers

Stretchy Wrap: a long piece of stretchy fabric wrapped around the wearer and tied, then baby can be placed in and out of the carrier as needed. It is great for newborns to around 15 lbs, and a great option for skin to skin. 

Ring Sling: a smaller piece of fabric with 2 rings sewn on one end. The opposite end is then threaded thru the rings to form a circle.  This is placed over the head and one are of the caregiver with the rings at the shoulder and the tail falling in front. The sling forms a hammock type seat for the child and the wearer tightens the fabric thru the rings till the child is tight against them  (Tip: When tightening the sling it is often helpful to place the rings higher than you want them to end up). It is a great carrier for a small baby or for quick trips when they are bigger. This one shoulder carrier can cause more discomfort as baby grows if used for an extended period.

Woven Wrap: a piece of woven fabric in varying lengths used to wrap around wearer and child in a wide variety of ways.  It is very customizable to each person and child. The fabric can be made of cotton, silk, wool, linen and more.

Mei Dai: has a panel with 2 straps at the bottom used to tie around wearers waist and 2 straps at the top used to tie over their shoulders.  It is easy to use and customizable to the size of wearer every time you use it.

Soft Structured Carrier: has a panel with a waist strap & buckle and shoulder straps often with buckles.  Often the waist and shoulder straps are padded and very structured.  It is quick to put on and off and simple to use and is a very popular choice.  Each brand and style fit differently so it may take some trial and error to find the Soft Structured carrier that fits your best. 

Babywearing Tips and Tricks

  • Child should be tight to the wearer
  • Wearer should be able to see child at all times
  • Child should be close enough to kiss the top of their head if being carried on the front
  • Child’s chin should never rest on their chest
  • Child’s back should be supported at all times
  • For more comfort the child’s legs should form an M position with their knees higher than their bum

Common Babywearing Questions

Q: How do you know what carrier to get and how do I learn how to use it correctly?

A: There are babywearing experts all over the world who help caregivers with all of that.  Here at Max Mamas we have 3 certified babywearing educators who are ready to help you! You can set up an appointment to meet with one in person or over a video call.  

Q: How can I try a carrier out before I buy one?

A: Search for a local babywearing groups or stores that sale carriers, many have carriers you can try before you buy.  Max Mamas has a rental program that you can take advantage of and help you feel confident in getting the best carrier for you.

Final Thoughts

Babywearing may seem like a fad but it has been around for centuries and has helped numberless caregivers.  It has the ability to change your life and help you level up your parenting game.  Give it a try and experience the difference.


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