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Sleep like a Baby with Chiropractic Care

Sleep like a Baby with Chiropractic Care

As a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor I get to see so many amazing things. And believe it or not, it’s that 3am text message from a mama that I love most! Just last week I got called into the birthing center to evaluate a little baby boy who was only 6 hours old. He was having trouble nursing and after getting him checked for nerve interference, he was lightly and specifically adjusted and nursed like a champ! Pretty amazing, huh?! 3rd grade anatomy tells us that the brain and the nerve system control every function in the entire body. When the communication from brain to body or body back to the brain gets interfered with, dysfunction will happen. 

This little babe’s mama had been adjusted during her pregnancy and understood the importance of a functioning nerve system. Prenatal adjustments can help with back, pelvic, or neck pain, sleeping problems, heat burn, headaches and even the baby’s position. But one of my favorite things I get to do is adjust a mama in labor. There are multiple reasons she might get adjusted as she goes through her contractions like pelvic balance, pain, muscle and ligament balance, etc. and I just love being able to help her get that amazing labor and delivery she dreamed about. 

All of my patients get access to my personal cell phone number and I expect them to use it! I answer questions from desperate mamas that need help with a sick baby, a mama reporting how their last adjustment really changed their life with no more back pain during pregnancy, baby girl is pooping for the first time in 3 days, a postpartum mama can finally sleep because of neck pain subsiding after getting adjusted, we found an answer for big brother’s ear infections without the use of drugs or surgery, and the list goes on. 

As for my pediatric patients,the same concept we have for adults and chiropractic hold true no matter your size or age. Some of the common symptoms I see from nerve communication interruption are nursing issues, colic, cranial/sacral issues, tongue/lip tie, toe walking, neuro-sensory issues, ear infections, immune dysfunction, and this list too goes on. Mom completely understands that the birthing process itself can be a big day even if it’s the most beautiful natural birth. Even though your infant may not be showing specific symptoms, there may still be nerve interference as a result of the birthing experience. If you knew your baby had pressure on his or her nerve system, when would you want it removed? YESTERDAY!

So what should you do first mama? Make an appointment with a chiropractor who is qualified to evaluate pregnant mamas and babies. From one mom to another, you want to ask questions to make sure you’re getting the best care. Adjusting prenatal and pediatric is a little different than other adjustments. For prenatal you want to look for someone who is certified in Webster Technique and your pediatric chiropractor should be able to use a technique appropriate to the age of your baby. After a complete evaluation and appropriate testing like primitive/postural reflex tests, orthopedic tests, thermal scans, range of motion, palpation; you and your chiropractor can discuss an appropriate plan to address any concerns for you as the pregnant mama and/or your baby. Most of my pediatric patients get a sustained hold adjustment that I’ve actually measured in my pediatric diplomate classes at 5 grams of pressure. Did I lose you there? Don’t worry, I speak your language too mama and know that I’m here to support you. I truly believe that through chiropractic care and education on key issues, we can raise the next generation to live a healthier, drug free lifestyle. 

Which is where my challenge to you comes in mama! Join my 5 Essentials Health Challenge for ways to find balance for your family through Chiropractic Care, Nutrition, Mindset, Oxygen & Exercise and Minimizing Toxins.


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