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Max Health with the 5 Essentials

Max Health with the 5 Essentials

Whether we know it or not, as a parent we have the power (and responsibility) to set the foundation of our children’s health for their entire life. No pressure or anything! Surprisingly, this foundation starts before mom even realizes that she’s pregnant. In fact, did you know your lifestyle choices today will impact future generations in your family tree? Again, no pressure!

Statistically mamas make about 80% of all health decisions for the family. So yes, pretty much every decision from which organic or eco-friendly products to use, what food to feed your children, the battle to breastfeed or bottle feed, when/if you go back to work, when to babywear, what toys are considered educational, the balance of screen time vs. outside play, bedtime and the list goes on and on. All the while, asking yourself, “Is everything I’m doing creating the healthiest lifestyle for my family?”

As a prenatal and pediatric doctor of chiropractic at DeLong Family Chiropractic, I work with families to build or rebuild their health through the MaxLiving 5 Essentials. It is my firm belief in these essentials that gave birth to Max Mamas and our 3 pillars of education, connection, and resources. 


Problem: Spinal misalignment diminishes nerve supply and weakens the body. 

Solution: Aligning your spine and correcting abnormalities caused by stress or injury maximizes your nerve supply and clears pathways to optimize wellness. Happiness here I come! 

Dr. Jill’s : You’re never too young, or too old, to be in alignment. I’ve adjusted babies only minutes old while my husband has adjusted grandparents well into their 90s. Then of course, my pregnant mamas! Chiropractic can not only help pregnant women stay healthy, active, and pain free, but it ultimately helps to achieve the birth story she wants (and deserves) including postpartum.


Problem: An unhealthy diet can compromise your overall health. Our body uses food as fuel and if you are not ingesting the proper foods that are full of the nutrients that your body needs- it will not perform at its God given potential.

Solution: A diet that focuses on natural whole foods sustains your mental and physical well-being, aids in disease prevention, and helps to maintain an ideal weight. 

Dr. Jill’s : Nutrition is the building block for your growing little one. Eating organic whole foods helps mom to produce milk for breastfeeding and provides the nutrients your family needs to thrive. Super mom to the rescue! 


Problem: It is your mindset that will ultimately influence your success or lack thereof. 

Solution: Taking time to understand challenges can improve healthy brain function and emotional wellbeing. 

Dr. Jill’s : #momlife is tough and most of the time it takes a village. Self care and self love are vital to the health of the whole family. Remember to fill your cup up first mama! 


Problem: Lack of oxygen and exercise can cause multiple health issues such as: hormone imbalance, weight gain/obesity, mood swings, increased fatigue, diabetes, etc.  

Solution: From improving your energy levels to helping you live longer, exercise contributes to a healthier, happier, and balanced life. 

Dr. Jill’s : Everyone benefits from exercise, no matter your physical ability, age, or gender. Whether you choose to get out of the house with the whole family for a walk, or use your workout as “me time,” a fit mom is a healthy mom.


Problem: Toxins threaten our daily health and can even reduce life longevity.

Solution: Minimizing exposure and clearing the toxins from your body resets your body’s natural balance and allows it to function at its fullest potential. 

Dr. Jill’s : I think one of the best and easiest things you can do to reduce the toxic load on your family is to start replacing items you already buy to healthier options. 

Do you feel a challenge coming on? 


It’s time to kick that healthy lifestyle into high gear mamas! I’m challenging our #mamasquad to BINGO your way to a healthier family. 5 weeks, 5 essentials and 5 times to celebrate your wins! Download our Max Mamas Health Challenge and get your whole family in on the game. What will you do to celebrate a BINGO? Or a BLACKOUT? Comment below and tell us!  


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