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Family Time

Family Time

Can I tell you a secret? I mean like a really personal secret.  I have, what I would consider, a pretty severe case of mom/wife guilt on the regular.  I agree with the concept that if your family is fed with a roof over their heads and a warm bed to sleep in then you’re doing pretty good, but that doesn’t stop the major mom/wife guilt I have going on.  I feel like there’s so much more to being a mom and a wife then just keeping everyone alive.  Sure, “alive” is definitely the best I can do some days but by the end of the day I feel like I could have, should have, if I could do it again I would have, done things a little different.  Maybe I wouldn’t have yelled, or complained so much, or worried about the next step so much and just focused in on the moment.  That moment that’s right in front of your face just craving to be seen and heard.  The beautiful smile with dimples and crooked teeth, the laugh that feels like fireworks in your soul, the spitfire behind that voice, the hug/kiss that’ll stop you in your tracks!

One of my favorite things about the new year is creating a new me! A bit of a chance to start again.  So for 2021 it’s all about filling my mom and wife cup.  No work, no phone, no tv, just me with the love of my life (Brenton, that’s you!!) and my little mini me, Kenzlie! I’m making it my mission to date my husband and my daughter on the regular.  I’m looking to have a red hot marriage by dating my husband like before we were married! Set the date, take a couple days to pick out an outfit, hair & make-up, all packaged together with butterflies on top of it all! Eeekkkk, I’m so excited! I’m doing a hubby mega date one a month! Now……I just need to find a babysitter!

Kenzlie is growing up so fast right in front of my face.  As I drive down the road and look in the backseat of the car I see her sitting with her legs crossed looking at a book with a big smile on her face! What a doll, I don’t want to miss another second of her life.  I see a lot of shopping, nails, and dancing in our future!

No matter if it’s a family date or a one-on-one as a mommy or wife, I’m excited to light my life on fire with family time!9


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