ThinkBaby Bento Box (more colors) (4765689610287)
ThinkBaby Bento Box (more colors) (4765689610287)
ThinkBaby Bento Box (more colors) (4765689610287)

ThinkBaby Bento Box (more colors)

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The ever-popular Thinkbaby Bento Box is one of the most sought-after items in our feeding set. The Bento features easy-to-clasp sides which form an air-tight seal. It's perfect for any type of food or liquid. We have heard from many pre-schools and Montessori that the Bento is great because it's easy for little kids to open and close.
Originally, the product had our Thinkbaby name on it, but we learned that when children turned 5 years old, they didn't want to use a product that said "baby". So, we put "Think", which we also hope is a subtle reminder to all that use the product.
The product is made free of bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, melamine, PET, PS, copolyester, and biologically harmful chemicals. The Bento Box has a wide list of uses whether it's for kids, parents or folks on the go.

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