Digital Basal Thermometer (6750324064303)
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Digital Basal Thermometer

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Safety Information


Battery Replacement A fuzzy or black display indicates that the battery may need replacement. To remove the battery, pull off the batter cover and remove the battery with tweezers or pointed tool. Place a new battery (1.5V AG3 – SR41, UCC392, LR41) into the thermometer with positive side up. Replace the battery cover.




Storage, Care, and Cleaning 1. Do not drop, bend, or disassemble the thermometer. Avoid biting on the tip (probe) of the test during measurement. 2. Store the thermometer in the hard plastic case. Do not expose to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, or moisture. 3. Do not allow water (or cleaning solutions) to make contact with the digital display window or enter the thermometer. 4. Cleaning Instruction: Do not boil probe. Clean the tip (probe) of the thermometer with isopropyl alcohol (diluted with water) - or with cold soapy water. Clean before and after use. Clean where mouth makes contact with tip area and prevent liquid from making contact with the digital display window.

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