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Merry "Green" Christmas

Merry "Green" Christmas

No matter how much I want to deny it, I have become my parents! I can think of numerous examples but none more prevalent then muttering under my breath “they don’t make ‘em like they used to!” BUT, let’s be honest, isn’t it true? Maybe things seemed bigger, stronger, and more durable when I was younger because the world was such a big place at 8 years old, but I can remember things like cars being tanks, furniture being so heavy it took an army to move, and my blue jeans lasted longer than a couple months.  I think this concept is true when it comes to our kids toys as well.  I’m such on advocate of getting back to basics and doing things more like “we used to”.  Over the years our children’s toys haven’t just become less durable but they’ve become less in line with creating health for our kids.  Toys today are more toxic, less educating, requires less physical activity, and can create more stress for our younger generation. 

I strongly feel that in 2020 we can’t afford to give our children one more reason to struggle with physical or mental health.  I challenge and encourage you to think “greener” when buying gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. Here are a couple things to ask yourself when deciding on that perfect gift.

  1. Is this toy toxic? What is it made of and how much of it can translate into toxicity?
    1. Even seemingly simple toys can be harmful, so make sure you’re checking labels to see what the toys are made of and where and how they were manufactured.
  2. Is this toy ‘brain food’ for my child?
    1. Is this toy going to encourage your child to learn, or is it going to encourage them to be lazy? Try to gravitate toward toys that make your kid think and ask questions.
  3. Is this toy creating more stress to my child?
    1. Toys that are in the wrong age bracket for your child can often overwhelm them- make sure you’re giving them products that are fit for the brain space they are in right now.
  4. What is the toy itself, it’s packaging, or how it’s made toxic to the planet?
    1. Reduce your toxins by choosing toys with low or eco-friendly packaging. Not only will you be helping yourself, you’re helping the planet, too!

All in all, your first priority when holiday shopping should be safety- for you and your family. When in doubt, ask a professional what they think. Rely on those Mama instincts, friend, and have a safe, green, Merry Christmas!

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